Charli D’Amelio Princess of TikTok: How much is her net worth in 2021?

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Charli D’Amelio Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Video, Career, Success. Charli D’Amelio is an American social media personality and dancer born on May 1, 2004, in Norwalk, Connecticut, and raised there. She first became active on Instagram in 2016 and often posts throwback pictures of herself and her sister. She began her TikTok channel in June 2019.
Since then, her content has mainly consisted of videos dancing to trending songs on the platform. The dancer has been called “the reigning TikTok queen” by the New York Times.

Name : Charli Grace D’Amelio
Known as : Charli D’Amelio
Date of Birth : May 1, 2004
Age : 16
Birthplace : Norwalk, Connecticut, U.S.
Nationality : American
Occupation : Social media personalitydancer
Years active : 2019–present
Known for : TikTok
Channels : charli d’amelio
Genre : Vlog
Subscribers : 9.22 million
Total views : 232 million
Creator Awards : YouTube Silver Play Button 2.svg 100,000 subscribers in 2019
YouTube Gold Play Button 2.svg 1,000,000 subscribers in 2020

Family members & Education –

Father : Marc D’Amelio
He is a former Republican Connecticut Senate Candidate, Clothing Business Owner, and TikToker.
Mother : Heidi D’Amelio
She is a photographer, TikToker, and Former Model.
Sister : Dixie (TikTok Celebrity and YouTuber)
Marital Status : Unmarried
Affairs/Boyfriends : Chase Hudson (TikTok Celebrity and Co-founder of The Hype House) (January 2020-April 2020)

Physical Appearance –

Height : (in centimeters)- 160 cm
(in meters)- 1.60 m
(in feet & inches)- 5’ 3”
Weight : Not Known
Eye Color : Green
Hair Color : Brown

Charli aspires to be a professional dancer one day, and she has been competitively dancing since she was five years old. Right now, though, she’s focusing on TikTok and her newfound fame. Charli was a member of the Los Angeles creative collective “Hype House” with fellow TikTok and YouTube stars like Chase Hudson and Addison Rae. However, in May 2020, Charli and her sister Dixie left the house after the house became more of a business. In 2020, Charlie dnated $50,000 to her local hospital, Norwalk Hospital, to help them get critical supplies amid the COVID-19 pandemic

By now, just about everyone knows who Charli D’Amelio is! The TikTok starlet recently turned seventeen and has 116.5 million followers on the popular social media platform, well beyond her birthday wishes. Her followers love to check in with her every day to see what she’s got going on. 

She posts everything from her Dunkin’ Donuts coffee obsession to her super cute choreographed dance routines. Her TikTok videos regularly pull in millions of views, likes, and comments – which is why it shouldn’t be very shocking at all to learn that she’s earned a net worth of $8 million dollars for herself according to Celebrity Net Worth. 

Tons of followers

D’Amelio currently has more followers than Loren Gray, who has 55.7 million, and Addison Rae, who has 78.5 million. All of these girls share something in common – they are endearing, sweet, and fun to watch as they enjoy their day-to-day lives. D’Amelio is the one who is coming out on top in terms of social media numbers and net worths as it stands today.

The TikTok princess is actually the first-ever user on the platform to surpass 100 million followers, which is record-breaking. She earned her first $4 million in 2021 alone and typically charges upwards of $100,000 dollars per sponsored post. 

Brands can get the word out about their products to millions of consumers with her help alone . . . if they are willing to spend a pretty penny in order to do so. Who could forget the fact that she pulled in a whopping $1 million for a twenty-second Super Bowl ad in 2020, contributing to her current total net worth?

How she got started

Charli D’Amelio launched her TikTok account in 2019 and quickly blew up in popularity. She joined the TikTok Hype House which includes other popular creators who like to work together to pump out interesting, click-bait-style content. 

She signed with a talent agency called UTA in 2020 as well after they caught wind of how much influence she has in today’s society, especially with the younger generation. Some of her career highlights include her linking up with The Jonas Brothers and Bebe Rexha for onstage performances. 

What does Charli D’Amelio’s family think? 

D’Amelio’s family is supportive of her and her newfound fame which seems to have suddenly appeared nearly overnight! According to The List, after realizing just how popular their daughter was, Marc & Heidi D’Amelio decided to sell their Connecticut home and relocate their family to Los Angeles to pursue a lifestyle based around entertainment. 

They might have once been a quiet, low-key family but now, everyone knows who they are. Older sister Dixie (19) is popular on TikTok too with over 34.6 million fans. She wasn’t always a big fan of the social media platform though. She revealed to The Guardian, “People at school made fun of TikTok. It was looked down on.” Obviously, now she’s completely changed her tune. Who cares what haters have to say anyway!

Sponsors, sponsors, sponsors

According to some of the brands & sponsors Charli D’Amelio’s worked with to create such a healthy net worth for herself include Hollister, Morphe Cosmetics, and EOS Cosmetics

Whenever her fans see her promoting a brand, they are excited to jump on board and purchase similar items so that they can emulate her style. She continues to inspire an entire generation of social media users with jewelry, makeup, clothing, music, and more. She is pretty much unstoppable at this point!

TikTok’s benefits

In an interview with High’s Nobiety, D’Amelio expressed her opinion on the benefits of an app like TikTok. 

She explained: “Talking to a lot of my friends, TikTok is bringing them and their parents a lot closer together, which is really cool. I see a lot of parents and the kids doing dances together. I think it’s awesome that it’s so inclusive of people of all ages.” She’s absolutely right – the bond between parents and their kids can potentially flourish while having fun on such a dynamic & interesting platform.

Charli D’Amelio’s current net worth might be $8 million dollars today, but it’s consistently growing! Her career will only expand as she continues to spread positivity and as she continues to post entertaining content for her dedicated fans to appreciate. Do you stan Charli D’Amelio as much as we do? Let us know in the comments! 


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