Ershad Sikder Biography, Wife, Daughter, Son, Now History 2022

Ershad Sikder’s full Biography, Age, Wife, Daughter, and more: Ershad Sikder was a Bangladeshi criminal and serial killer known for various crimes like murder, torture, theft, robbery, and others. He was sentenced to death for murder and later hanged on May 10, 2004. In the content about Ershad Sikder biography, of full life history. Let go to the content.

Ershad Sikder Biography

Sikder was born in Madarghona village of Nalchiti upazila of Jhalokati district. His father was Bande Ali. Between 1967 and 1967, Sikder moved to Khulna district from his birthplace. After coming to Khulna, Irshad worked as a railway worker for some time. From there he slowly started looting along the railway line and joined a group. He later formed his own party and got the name Ranga Chora from the locals.

Between 196 and 1976, he formed another group called Ramda Bahini, which was involved in theft, robbery, and terrorist activities in Khulna railway station and ghat area. Irshad with his troops occupied the fourth and fifth areas of the ghat and made it its special controller.

Ershad Sikder’s entry into politics

After the rise of former President Hussein Muhammad Ershad in 1982, Sikder entered politics through the Jatiya Party. During the military rule in 1986, Sikder was transferred and elected as Ward No. Commissioner. After the formation of the BNP government in 1991, Sikder joined it. On December 26, 1996, he changed his party and joined the Awami League, but was expelled after criticism. He was the commissioner of Ward 8 at the time of his arrest in 1999.

Criminal activities and murders

After entering politics, Alexander’s power increased. From 1984 to 1986, he was involved in property grabbing, private property, drug trafficking, extortion, and other criminal activities in Khulna. In 1991, they evicted the owner of an ice factory named Rafiq from the Fourth Ghat area, occupied the ice factory, and forced all traders to buy ice from him.

He is also said to have used the ice factory as his torture center. Irshad was accused of more than 70 murders along with his associate witness Nur Alam. He later gave a statement to the court describing the 24 murders, claiming that Alexander had more than 70 victims, although a weapon known as the “Golden Lotus” was recovered from his home.

Ershad Sikder’s personal life

It is known that Ershad had six marriages. His first wife was Khodeja Begum, whom he married in 1973. Another wife named Sanjida Akter Shobha got a luxurious gold house. He was accompanied by Taslima of Rajapur village of Rupsa, Farida of Rampal Upazila of Bagerhat, Ramesha, wife of associate Barek commander, and Durgarani of Paikgachha, the heroine of the procession. Irshad’s first wife Khodeja gave birth to four children: three sons and a daughter. The fifth child was born in the house of a girl named Jannatul Nurin Emily Essa after her arrest.

Ershad Sikder Daughter

Ershad Sikder Daughter’s name is Jannatul Nowrin Esha. Jannatul Nowrin Esha is 22 years old. Now she was dead on 04 March 2022. The hanging body of Jannatul Nawrin Esha, 22, daughter of serial killer Ershad Sikder, has been recovered from a house in Gulshan of the capital. On Friday (March 4) morning, police rescued Esha and took her to the emergency department of Dhaka Medical College (DMC)Hospital, where doctors declared her dead. Esha was the daughter of Ershad Sikder’s second wife Sanjida Nahar.
Sanjida said that Esha had a love affair with a boy named Plavan Ghosh (26). There were frequent quarrels between them. On Thursday (March 3) night, there were also fights and quarrels with Plavan at his home, his girlfriends said. Later, the flood drove Esha home at around 3 pm. Esha closed the door of the room back home. Later in the video call, he got into an argument with Flood again. Knocking on the door in the morning without getting any response, I broke down the door with the help of the neighbors.

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Ershad Sikder: Arrest and death penalty

Sikder was arrested in 1999 in 43 cases. During the trial, he was sentenced to death in seven murder cases and four additional life sentences. He wrote a petition to President Iajuddin Ahmed seeking an appeal against the decision, but he rejected the appeal and on May 10, 2004, Sikder was hanged at Khulna Central Jail. Khulna Jhikargachha police inspector Fazlur Rahman bought the house. , It initiated an investigation by the Ministry of Home Affairs in April 2004.


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