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Hero Alom Bio, height, weight, wife, net worth now 2021, phone number, WhatsApp number, contact address, home address, lifestyle, and more details here.

The most popular person of the present time is Hero Alom. His name is Hero Alom but his name is not Hero Alom. In fact, the name Hero Alom was given by the audience. There are many stories behind becoming Hero Alom this story will beat the story of any movie. Today we will discuss all the issues of Hero Alom’s life.

Who is Hero Alom?

The real name of Hero Alam is Ashraful Alam Saeed but mostly known as Hero Alom. His home is in Bogra. In his early life, he used to sell CDs and DVDs but now he is involved in the satellite TV business.  Hero Alom is currently a freelance music video model, actor, and social media person. Hero Alam is now a man in the film world. He has acted in two Bangladeshi movies and got an offer to work in a Bollywood movie.

Hero Alom Movies

Hero Alom Already has acted in two movies. There are two movies 1. marchakka and 2. Shahoshi Hero Alom. In the movie, Marchakka, Alom played the role of side actor but in the next movie, Shahoshi Hero Alam played the lead role in the movie. Another good news is that He himself produced the movie Shahoshi Hero Alam. There are three heroines with Hero Alom in the movie.

Shahoshi Hero Alom Movie details

  • Director: A.R. Mukul Netrobadi
  • Hero: Ashraful Alom Sayeed (Hero Alam )
  • Heroine: Rabina Bristy & Nusrat
  • producer: Ashraful Alom Sayeed

Hero Alom Music Video

Hero Alom is a king of the music video. There are five hundred Hindi and Bangla music videos whose model is hero alom. Along with Bangla songs, Hero Alam has made music videos with many Hindi songs. This is the main reason why he is famous in India. Hero Alam used to sell CDs and DVDs, once he made music videos of some songs as a hobby and sold them in CD format. Many people think that this is the first step towards becoming popular.

Hero Alom Song

Many songs have been re-introduced under the name of Hero Alam. Which, might not be a new acquaintance between us if Hero Alam does not dance. The song that Hero Alam dances to became very popular very soon. Every month 8 or 10 songs of Hero Alam are released. The number of views of Hero Alam’s songs is much higher than other artists.

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Some Hero Alom songs

  1. Tor Maya te thomke asi Hariye gase mon (Romantic Bangla song)
  • Song: Maya
  • Singer: Rahan raj & Subaran
  • Lyrics & Tune: Rahan Raj
  • Cast: Hero Alom, Nusrat
  • Edit: Moshiqul Islam Dop Jony
  • Director: Moshiqul Islam
  • Production: Hero Alam Official
  1. Tumi Acho Bole Full Song (Romantic Bangla song)
  • Song: Mar Chakka Movie Song
  • Cast: Hero Alam , Rabina Bristi
  1. Chupi Chupi Kase eshe kere Nile mon Je tomai valo beshe se (Romantic Bangla song)
  • Song: Chupi Chupi
  • Singer: Momo Rahman & Farhana
  • Cast: Hero Alom, Zerin
  • Lyric Tune & Music: Momo Rahma
  • Edit: Moshiqul Islam Dop Jony
  • Director: Moshiqul Islam
  • Production: Hero Alam Official
  1. Bidrohi Premik ami bidrohi premik tumi
  • Song: Bidrohi Premik ami
  • Singer: Andro Kishor and Sabina Yasmin
  • Cast: Hero Alom
  • Production: Hero Alam Official
  1. O Ruposhi tomar preme poira agun lagse sara ango juira

Song: O Ruposhi Singer: Kumar Sajal & Price Lyrics & Tune: Kumar Sajal Cast: Hero Alom, Nusrat Music: Rohan Raj Dop: Jewel Director: Moshiqul Islam Production: Hero Alom Official

  1. Tumi Ovimani

Song : Tumi Ovimani , Singar : Arfin samsul & Lifa Cast : Hero Alom & Toma Dop : Ruhul Amin Edit : Mushiqul Islam Director : Mushiqul Islam

  1. Ki jeno ki Korila

Song : ki jani ki korila Singar : Cast : Hero Alom @ Rupa Dop : Ruhul aim Edit : Mushiqul Islam Director : Mushiqul Islam

  1. Ei Buker majhe

Song : Ai Buker Majhe Model : Hero Alam & Nusrat DOP : Ruhul Amin Director : Mushiqul Islam

  1. Tumi Amar jiboner suru

Song: Tumi Amar Jiboner Suru Singer: Sabina Yeasmin & Andrew Kishore Lyricist: Moniruzzaman Monir Music: Alam Khan

  1. Tor Mayai Pore

Song: Tor Maya Singer: Pritom And Soma Cast: Hero Alom, Shital Lyric: Arif Tune: Pritam Music: Rohan raj Dop: Ruhul Amin Edit: Mushiqul Islam Director: Mushiqul Islam

Hero Alom Shooting

Hero Alam shoots in different places at different times. Sometimes shooting a song, sometimes shooting a short, sometimes shooting a movie. Each job is shot in one place. Hero Alam also shoots various advertisements in response to drama movies and short films. At the shooting time, Hero Alam had a lot of fun with his colleagues. Apart from different locations in the country, Hero Alam also shoots abroad at different times. Hero Alam tries to do most of his shooting in Dhaka but apart from Dhaka he also shoots in different shooting spots in Bangladesh like Sylhet Cox’s Bazar Bandarban Gazipur etc. Hero Alam has also been shooting in different parts of India. Recently, he acted in a serial in Kolkata and released a video of the shooting there. During the shooting, they were seen chatting with various artists from Kolkata.

Hero Alom Picture

There are numerous pictures of Hero Alam on social media. However, selfies with more fans can be seen more than the single picture of Hero Alam. There are many fans of Hero Alam in the world. Everyone wants to take a selfie with a hero Alom and upload it on Facebook.

Hero Alam does different things at different times. In between these jobs, he meets different fans at different times and the fans want to take pictures with him and Hero Alam fulfills the desires of all the fans. At various times, he is seen surrounded by his fans in the middle of the street to take a picture with him, and to satisfy the whims of the fans, he has to eat Himshim. Because he is always busy with various things, he has to suffer because of the annoying behavior of the fans, but Hero Alam never misbehaves with the fans, but he manages everything by talking to his fans in a very nice way.

Hero Alom Wife

Hiro Alam’s wife’s name is Sadia Akhter. He has married long ago and has two children. It is rumored that he has remarried and got into an argument with his first wife. According to various sources, when Hero Alam remarried, his ex-wife quarreled with him over the issue and at one stage beat up his ex-wife and his ex-wife Sadia Akter filed a case against Hero Alam at the police station alleging abuse of women.

 Hero Alom Video

Hero Alam has numerous videos through social media. It’s hard to find a social media user who hasn’t seen Hero Alam’s video. He has made different videos at different times. The videos he has made are music videos, shots, films, dramas, various educational events, jokes, etc. Hero Alam’s videos are very popular on social media. When Hero Alam makes a video, it gets a response from the audience in a very short time. Hero Alam has a huge fan base and his fans are always waiting to see new videos and when a new video is released, it becomes a targeted view in an instant.

Hero Alom Shortfilm

Hero Alam is at the forefront of making short films in Bangladesh. He has numerous short films. Hero Alam has as many short films as any other artist. In that sense, Hero Alam Raja is in the world of short films. She makes short films on various topics. His short films are dominated by various educational topics and most of the time she makes social awareness short films. In addition to these short films, he also presents various entertaining short films. Below are some of his notable short films:

  1. Joggota (ShortFilm)

  • Model : Hero Alom, Monisha,MunMun,Kajol,Prem
  • D.O.P: SD Jewel
  • Edit: Raz Razib
  • Producer: MunMun
  1. Elakar Boro Vai

  • Model : Hero Alom, Ive, Shovo, Suhel, Rifat Foysal
  • D.O.P : Yasin Bin Arian
  • Edit: Sh Metho
  • Producer : Mazharul Islam Nirob
  • Special Thanks: Ak Nadim
  • Directed By Joy
  1. Digital Dhandabaj

  • Cast : Hero Alom | Nusrat | Shadhina | Uzzal | shojib |
  • D.O.P.: Dulal Hossain
  • Edit & Directed by Jalal Mohammad
  1. Ashohai

  • Cast: Sa Sarder, Hero Alom
  • Directed by: Jalal Mohammod.
  • Label : SA Sarder Tv [HD]
  • Released Date: 08-08-2019
  • Production : SA Sarder Tv [HD]
  1. Shohorer Meyer

  • Short Film: Shohorer Meye
  • Cast: Hero Alom, Beauty, Brishti, Brishti Jahan, Khosi
  • Direction: Hero Alom
  1. 10000 Taka

  • Short Film: 10,000 Taka
  • Dop: Ruhul Amin
  • Edit: Mushiqul Islam
  • Director : Mushiqul Islam
  1. Ore Batpar

  • Short Film: Ore Batpar
  • Cast: Hero Alom, Beauty, Brishti, Brishti Jahan, Khosi
  • Direction: Hero Alom
  1. Protibadi Hero Alom

  • Actor and Director: Hero Alom
  • Compose: Hero Alom
  • Manage : Moshiqul islam
  • Label: Suranjoli
  1. Oporadhi by Hero Alom

  • Cast : Hero Alom,Himi,Gazi BulBul
  • DOP: Bisojit Sarkar Milton
  • Direction : Gazi BulBul
  • Post: Rock Star BD
  1. Valobasar Joy

  • Cast : Hero Alom,Shila, Masud,Nazim Uddin Babu,Ibrahim,Sipon Dev & Sabbir
  • Story: Nazim Uddin Babu
  • D.O.P & Edit : Sohag
  • Director: Team Hero Masud

The life story of Hero Alom

If a person wants to do something from the heart, then no work in the world is impossible for him. Hero Alam of Bangladesh has made this impossible possible. Hero Alam was born into a poor family in Bangladesh. His father used to sell Chanachur and when she was ten her mother left them. Being very poor, he started selling chanachu with his father. He dropped out in seventh grade because he didn’t pay much attention to his studies.

After finishing his studies he opened a CD cassette shop and unfortunately it didn’t go well and he failed. He then started a network business just to make a living. Once on a CD cover, he sees a picture of a model, and then he decides to be a good model. Then she would just watch music videos day and night and think of becoming a model.

Victory and defeat depend on the way people think, so Alam thought that if I became a hero, I would show myself to be a hero. He then recorded a music video on his mobile phone in 2008 and released it on his cable network. He then went on to record a series of music videos and broadcast them on his cable network. Someone later left all his videos on YouTube, Facebook, Facebook, and other social media services, and as a result, Hero Alam became a superstar.

Then Hero Alam married a girl from a nearby village named Sumi Akhter and they had two children named Avi and Alo. Hero Alam currently has more than 500 music videos on YouTube. Also, many of his short film comedy video dramas, etc are available on youtube. In addition to these, Hero Alam has already acted in two movies.

Hero Alom is a Bangladeshi amateur music video Model-actor and social media phenomenon. He started a CD cassette business prior to starting a cable network business in his own village. He began making the music video as a Hobby. The main reason for his being famous is to set up a hero before the name. Alom is a great YouTuber. His Youtube channel had received 4.23 million views.

Hero Alom Biography

Real Name
Ashraful Hossein Alom
Hero Alom
 Actor, Model, Businessman

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Physical Stats:

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Height (approx.):
in centimeters- 160 cm
in meters- 1.60 m
in Feet-Inches- 5’3″
Weight (approx.):
in Kilograms- 45kg
in Pounds- 99 lbs
Body Measurements (approx.):
Chest: 36 Inches
Waist: 27 inches
Biceps: 10 inches
Eye Colour:
Dark Brown
Hair Colour:

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Personal Life

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Date of Birth:
October 22, 1985
Age (as in 2017):
28 Years
Birth Place:
 Bogra District of Bangladesh


Bogra, Bangladesh
Educational Qualifications:
Attended a village school until class 7
Marital Status
Marriage Date
8 April 2010
Father: Abdur Razzak  (Foster father)

Mother: N/A

Sister: N/A

Wife: Sumi Akter

Sons: Abir

Daughter: Alo

Best Friends
Likes & Dislikes
Likes: N/A

Dislikes: N/A

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Favorite Things

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Favorite Food


Favorite Actor


Favorite Actress


Favorite TV Show


Favorite Sports


Favorite Athlete


Favorite Colour


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Facts About

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  • Does Hero Alom smoke: yes
  • Does Hero Alom Drink alcohol: No
  • Hero Alom was raised by a single foster parent named Abdur Razzak, Reportedly, Alom belonged to a poor family, which had a tough time making ends meet. Since the family could not bear the expenses of raising another child, they gave him away.
  • Before becoming an actor, Alom tried his hands on a number of businessmen. At first, he began selling audio cassettes in his village, but because of low profits he later started a cable network business of his own.
  • As of December 2016, his youtube channel has 10,000+ subscribers.
  • Alam has so far acted/dance in more than 500 videos.

Hero Alom also called Ashraful Hossein Saeed. Check out below to know more details about Hero Alom’s Photos, Videos, Gossips, News, Career, Movies List, Wiki, Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Career, Caste, Affairs, Marital Status, Father, Mother, Family, Affairs, Kids, Siblings, Net Worth, Facts, Occupation, Education, Awards & More.
Article Type: Biography Category: Bangladeshi Actor, Model, Businessman Industry/Sector: Not Known

Name Hero Alom
Real Name Ashraful Hossen Saeed
Pet / Nick Name Not Known
Sex Male
Nationality Bangladeshi
Profession Bangladeshi Actor, Model, Businessman
Origin Not Sure

Age, Dob, Birthplace, zodiac, star sign

Hero Alom Age (Current) 1 year 6 months 8 days old
Date Of Birth (DOB) Not Known (M/D/Y)
Birthplace Eruliya village, Bogla District, Bangladesh
Zodiac Sign Not Sure
Star Sign (Nakshatra) Not Sure

Death Details

Alive Or Dead Alive
Date Of Death (DOD) — Not Applicable (M/D/Y)
After Death Timeline 0 years 0 months 0 days 0 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds
0 Total days

Personality, Physical Appearance

Body, Height, Weight

Body Type Slim
Body Measurements – Chest: 36 Inches

– Waist: 27 Inches

– Biceps: 10 Inches

Zero Size N/A
Hero Alom’s Height in centimeters- 160 cm in meters- 1.60 m in Feet Inches- 5′ 3″
Weight in Kilograms- 45 kg
in Pounds- 99 lbs

Face Properties

Face Shape Oval
Eye Colour Black Eyes
Nose Type Perfect
Hair Colour Black
Hair Length Medium Length
Dimple Status No
Beard N/A


Nature Agreeableness
Character Faithful
Positive Not Known
Negative Not Known

Father, Mother, Family Details

Hero Alom Father Abdur Razzak (Foster Father)
Mother Not Known
No. Of. Brothers 0
No. Of. Sisters 0
Brother(s) Not Known
Sister(s) Not Known

Family Photos and Details
Father- Abdur Razzak (Foster Father)
Mother- Not Known
Brother- Not Known
Sister- Not Known

Relationship, Affair, Wife-Husband, Girlfriends-Boyfriends

Hero Alom Relationship Status Not Sure
Interested In Not Known
Marital Status Married
Marital Type Love Come Arrange Marriage
Spouse Wife: Sumi Akter
  • Girlfriends Not Known
  • Wife Sumi Akter
  • Marriage Date 8 April 2010
  • children’s- Abir
  • Daughter- Alo

Wedding Details

Hero Alom’s Wedding Date
Together Timeline – 0 years 0 months 0 days 0 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds
0 Total days
Divorce Date
Separated Timeline – 0 years 0 months 0 days 0 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds
0 Total days

Son-Daughter, Children Details

No.Of. Male Kids 0
No.Of. Female Kids 0

Children Details
Son- Abir
Daughter- Alo

Caste, Religion, Community, Mother Tongue, Languages Known

Religion Islam
Hero Alom’s Caste Father – Not Revealed Yet
Mother – Same As Fathers
Community Not Sure, OBC, MBC, FC+
Mother Tongue Not Revealed Yet
Languages Known English, Hindi

Address, Native, Hometown, Current City

Native / Origin Not Sure
Home Town Bogra, Bangladesh
Hero Alom’s Current City Same As Home Town
Address Address Untraceable

Education, Qualification

School SchoolNet Known (Attended a village school until class 7)
College CollegeNot Known
Hero Alom’s Qualification Educational QualificationsNot Known
Not Known
Other Education Notes Not Known



Does Hero Alam, Consume Alcohol? Not Sure Yet
Does Hero Alam, Smoke Cigarettes? Not Sure Yet
Will Drive? Yes
Is Hero Alam, Swims? Not Sure Yet
Is Hero Alam, Yoga Practitioner? No
Does Gym? Yes
Is Hero Alam, a Jogger? Yes
Eating Habit? Non-Vegetarian

Hobbies, Interests

Hero Alom’s Hobbies Gardening/landscaping
Food Continental
Music Film songs
Sports Badminton

Legend Alom drink liquor: Not Known _x000D_
Legend Alom was raised by a solitary temporary parent named Abdur Razzak. Apparently, Alom had a place with a poor family, which had an intense time bringing home the bacon. Since the family couldn’t bear the costs of bringing up another kid, they gave him away. _x000D_
Prior to turning into an entertainer, Alom gave his hands a shot at various organizations. At first, he started selling sound tapes in his town, but since of low benefits, he later began a link to organize the business of his own. _x000D_
As of December 2016, his Youtube Channel has 10,000+ endorsers. _x000D_
Alam has so far acted/moved in excess of 500 recordings. _x000D_
He has additionally acted in various Bangladeshi TV plugs.

Gossips, Controversies

No Controversy traces upon Hero Alam So far.

Net Worth, Earnings, Salary, and Assets

Hero Alom’s Salary (approx.)
Assets Million USD (approx)
Net Worth (approx.)

Movable and Immovable Assets

No Asset Details Revealed Yet

Favorites and Preferences

Favorite Actor Yet To Update
Favorite Actresses Not Sure
Favorite Film(s) Yet To Update
Favorite Director(s) Yet To Update
Favorite Food Yet To Update
Favorite Drink Not Sure
Favorite Fruit Damson plum, Apricot
Preferred Outfit Yet To Update
Preferred Perfume Not Known
Favorite Destination(s) Yet To Update, Bali, Indonesia, and Washington DC
Hero Alom’s Favourite Colour Apricot, YInMn Blue,
Favorite Musician Yet To Update
Favorite Singer(s) Yet To Update
Favorite Song(s) Not Known
Favorite Sport(s) Badminton,

Social Media











Movies List

Honors, Awards

No Awards Received so far by Hero Alam






Above all, we can say Hero Alom is the real superstar in the world. A book is already written on Hero Alom. The name of the book is “Dristi Vongi Bodlan Jibon Bodle Jabe”. Here, The writer promotes a Hero Alom life story as an example. Hero Alam proves that poor looks and being less educated does not mean the end of life. There is nothing to be disappointed in. Hard work and morale take this person to the pinnacle of progress.

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