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Solaiman Shukhon is an independent Brand & Image Consultant, a standup comedian, and a Director of Bangladesh Jiangsu International Ltd. As a son of military personnel, I always wanted to be a military officer once I grew up. Soon after I finished college, I joined the Bangladesh Naval Academy & became a Naval Officer. In 2002, I left the Navy & headed for the capital city.

Solaiman Shukhon biography

I was clueless about what to do next. So,I spent few bohemian months on the campus of BUET, Dhaka University, and Dhaka Medical College. Then I suddenly decided to sit for the admission test of the MBA program at IBA, Dhaka University. Surprisingly enough (given how clueless I was), I got in and I graduated in the blink of an eye. After completing my MBA in marketing, I did what everyone wants to do: join a corporate job.

So, I joined BATB IN 2005. I was posted in Sylhet where I practically learned distribution, trade marketing, consumer engagement & brand marketing techniques. Later, I served in Dhaka too. In 2008, I moved on & joined the Banglalink marketing team. When I left Banglalink after more than 5 years, I was looking after the Market Research portfolio of Banglalink, the 2nd largest telecom operator in the country.

Native nameসোলায়মান সুখন
BornFebruary 20, 1980 in Brahmanbaria
Alma materBangladesh Naval Academy
OccupationMotivational speaker, vlogger
Known forMotivational speech, vlog
OrganizationAamra Networks Ltd.

It was a great learning experience for me to be part of this dynamic team. The fast pace of the telecom industry was quite an exciting journey. I believe the best assignment any marketer can have is to market himself. So I decided to do something that will create strong word of mouth and hence, started stand-up comedy along with my 9-5 corporate life. Even though there was a battle going on inside of me and I was confused to take a leap of faith, I started doing shows as a stand-up comedian.

I was a mid-level executive in a leading telecom company & often I had faced this accusation that actually standup comedy is “lame” & it doesn’t suit my professional status. There were even people who mocked me for being a standup comedian. Even after the endless resistance, I kept going strong.

I believed that they lacked the necessary information to understand how respectful a thing is in many developed civilizations. But when things started gaining momentum & my humor videos started spreading over YouTube, many of them actually understood how difficult & intellectually demanding stand-up comedy is & eventually started appreciating my efforts.

In continuation to the acceptance received, I started video blogging 2 years back to raise awareness about various social issues. I felt every citizen has the responsibility to do something about the society he/she lives in and that’s the least I could do for my country. The video blogs didn’t receive much appreciation at the beginning.

It took people some time to get used to Video blogs and soon, they started getting the whole idea of it. My video blogs have received more than a million minutes of viewership so far & all these happened in a 2G era. I am eagerly waiting for the 3G. I can only hope that there will be more views with way more access to fast internet.

The thirst for doing something more remained in me. I felt the necessity of more space and broader minds to work. Corporate life has its limitations and it started to get tedious. I have the flexibility to work faster and at a reasonably low cost. The combination of military experience, marketing career, and all those stage hours I have spent in front of a live audience as a comedian helped me read the consumer mind efficiently, then identify and offer solutions to any brand & image issue and I love to keep things short & simple.

Yet again, I left my job to do something I love, without any boundaries around me. I started my independent career as a Brand & Image consultant. My first client was Fujifilm Bangladesh. Soon after, I worked closely with Elite Force and have been in talks with few other prominent brands of the country and you know what? I enjoy every moment of my life now! Working with brands is always fascinating.

To me, it’s a game of imagination & mathematics. Planning the way forward for any brand, executing that plan, and measuring the impact is an exciting journey for me. I love to see how consumers react to the brand’s messages and the impact of that on marketing return on investment. Most importantly, I’m happier than ever as an Independent Brand & Image Consultant. That’s the thing about doing what you love to do, you enjoy every bit of your work.
I am a 35-year-old man who is refusing to grow up and I believe that spreading happiness is the only motto of life.

Solaiman Shukhon (born February 20, 1980) is a Bangladeshi motivational speaker, corporate leader, vlogger, and communication strategist. Speeches by Shukhon are popular on YouTube. Shukhon inspired millions of youth in Bangladesh by appearing in more than 500 sessions at different universities and seminars.

Shukhon is known for his inspirational speeches and stories about his struggling successful life.

Early life & education

Shukhon was born in a lower-middle-class family in Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh. His father was a Sainik in Bangladesh Army. Due to the poor condition of his family, he and his 4 brothers had to lead an underprivileged life in childhood. Soon he realized that to change his condition, only education can help him.

After passing his HSC from Adamjee Cantonment Public School & College he studied very well and got into Bangladesh Naval Academy, started working as a Lieutenant in 2000. After working as a Navy officer, he thought he would be more comfortable in the private sector.

He left the Navy and went to Dhaka with no money. Again started studying very hard got into MBA from the renowned business school Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka. After doing his MBA, he got a chance to work with British American Tobacco. After few years of working there, later on, worked as Head of Marketing Research at Banglalink, Head of Marketing at Elite Mobile, Head of Business at Lamar Smart Solutions, Head of Marketing at Aamra Networks Ltd.

Now he is working as Head of Strategic Project at Aamra Networks Ltd. During his diverse career tenure, he learned how to deal with life, thus he started speaking to youths about the dos and don’ts of life. He started vlogging first time in Bangladesh, spoke about the recent issues using Facebook & YouTube. Then soon after he started using Facebook Live to talk about life.

He is also one of the first few standup comedians but left doing this in few years. Because of video blogs, he started getting popular, thus universities and different seminar organizers started inviting him for motivational speeches. Soon after appearing in different events, he became known as a motivational speaker in Bangladesh, which made him the first motivational speaker in Bangladesh. He has millions of fans on Facebook and YouTube.

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Solaiman Shukhon at Northern University


Shukhon has a diverse career timeline. He started his career as sub-lieutenant of Bangladesh Naval Academy. Left Navy to start working in the private sector. After doing his MBA from the Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka, he joined British American Tobacco. For a better career position, he later joined Banglalink as Head of Market Research. After leaving Banglalink in 2013, he joined Elite Mobile as Head of Marketing. He joined Amara Smart Solution as Head of Business in 2015, left it, and joined aamra Networks Ltd. as Head of Marketing. Now he is working as Head of Strategic Projects at aamra Networks Ltd.

He is associated with fashion brand Ecstasy as fashion vlogger.

Motivational speaker

After becoming known as a life coach and motivational speaker, Shukhon became very popular amongst the youth in Bangladesh. He went to almost 500 schools, colleges, universities, and independent seminars to speak towards youth and professionals.YouTube and Facebook videos of his speeches get millions of views, and viewers appreciate his talk.

He is also facilitator at 10 Minute School, largest online learning platform in Bangladesh, he instructs millions of youth about the corporate world.

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