Who Is Joynal Hazari | Biography, Age, Wife, dies

Joynal Abedin Hazari was a politician of the Bangladesh Awami League and served as a member of the Ethnic Union representing the Feni-2 constituency which won the 1986, 1991, and 1996 elections. Joynal Hazari was the son of Gani Hazari. When he entered politics in the late 1960s, he was a student at Finney College.

Joynal Hazari
NameJoynal Abedin Hazari
Age76 years old
Born DateAugust 24, 1945
PartyAwami League
NationalityBangladeshi, Pakistani
Died27 December 2021 (aged 76)
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Joynal Hazari Career

Hazari studied at Feni College, where he entered politics. He was the General Secretary of Feni District Awami League from 1974-2004. Called the “Godfather of Finn”, he was charged with torture, extortion, and murder while in power. His cousin Nizam Hazari is the current Member of Parliament for his old constituency.

Hazari formed a steering committee in 1993 with his close associates. He was expelled from the party in April 2003 on charges of creating anarchy and working against it at a meeting in Feni in the presence of the party’s then general secretary Abdul Jalil. The party backed the presidential candidate in the Sadar by-election in the same year. He was expelled from the Awami League on May 2, 2005, for his involvement in anti-organizational activities.

When the caretaker government came to power, Hazari left the country on 16 August 2001 and moved to Kolkata, India. He was sentenced to a total of 60 years in prison in absentia in five cases. Shortly after the Awami League government came to power in January, he returned to Bangladesh in February 2009. He surrendered to the Finney Court on 15 April and was imprisoned in Comilla Jail. On August 26 of the same year, the High Court granted him bail in 11 out of 23 cases and acquitted him in the remaining 12 cases. He was later released from prison.


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